Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sacred Muse The Process

As i look at my desk  it is full of half painted paintings and sketches yet to be something.
I have alot of ideas on what i thought i wanted to paint but when i sit down to do the work , im frozen.
Im starting to realize that I was beginning to take my art in a direction that doesnt nourish or convey what it is im experiencing or seeking to experience.
So then when i sit down and let it come to me naturally not pushing the circuit and just being in the flow this is when the Magic happens.
Its really nothing i dont already know but sometimes we artists must make things that we are asked to create which is a wonderful feeling but when its all done its good to go back to the real flow of our true work.

Absinthe Dance With The Green Fairy
This is the ice breaker painting for me.
Getting back to my natural flow of creativity.

I dont paint reality, realism a structured reality close to what we already experience on a day to day basis.
When we open our eyes in the morning we see this"reality" and we live it.
All to different degrees but I cant paint this realism, its not that i cant, my self wont let me, if thats understood?

There are so many worlds lost and magic forgotten due to this.
SO many place to be brought back to life, the world of myth and magic.
Where all things are possible,bright, beautiful and mystical and above all meaningful.
Thats the problem with the world, we have lost what is meaningful and choose to fill our lives and world with meaningless notions,ideas,dogma and work.
This is what i crave....I dont know about you ?

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