If you are interested in a Commissioned piece please look over the following:

If you have never commissioned an artist to make a special piece for you it can be difficult sometimes to get all the details smoothed out but it doesn't need to be difficult.
Payment: A non-refundable down payment is required (for invested time,materials and labor) for the process to begin which is 1/3 of the total final

The total and final cost will be determined after we have a phone consultation discussing what exactly it is that you are looking for in your piece. Which we will address major points like basic characteristics of the art, payment schedule, late payment fees, completion time,signing the contract and final delivery.

You will be able to periodically preview the work through an online photo sharing such as yahoo or Skype.Also traditional pictures sent via email or snail mail works just fine too. So you know exactly where we are at with having the same vision with the piece.
You should feel comfortable asking questions, and expressing opinions about the art and its progress.

Questions to Think Over:
What do you want to see in your art?
Do you have any certain prefrance of colors that you would like used?
What is the main Theme?
What is the over all “feeling: you wish to get from the piece?
Is there any piece I have already done that is similar to what you are looking for?
Will You be the only one approving of the art? ( extra people like a spouse?)

       Payment Arrangements

*For smaller pieces the prices are much lower but 1/3 non refundable is still due.*

 Payment installments will be made as follows: nonrefundable deposit required to start payment due upon approval of original painting/design third due upon completion and delivery of artwork
  1. The Project: The project will be carefully planned out and an agreement will be made in which direction the work will go in.
  2. Right of Refusal: It is the intent of this contract that the Artist create artworks for the Collector that the Collector will purchase. However, if, after the work is completed, the Collector does not wish to purchase any or all of the work, the Collector may refuse, on an individual basis, each created artwork. In that case, the Artist will keep the refused artwork and the nonrefundable deposit, free of any claims or interests of the Collector and the Collector will owe no additional fees to the Artist. A refusal will not affect the purchase price of other created artworks in this project.
  3. Copyright: Artist reserves the common-law copyright to all works commissioned by Collector that are created by the Artist, including all reproduction rights and the right to claim statutory copyright. No work may be reproduced by Collector without the prior written approval of Artist.
  4. Payment Amounts: Fees/selling price will be decided by the parties per individual artwork, with a minimum of $300 each painting(for larger works). Fee will be based upon canvas size and complexity of completed work and will be consistent with other comparable works by Artist at the time of sale. Parties will agree to price in writing prior to the commencement of each artwork. Painting sizes will be mutually determined by the Artist and Collector.
  5. Payment Terms: A nonrefundable deposit of one-third of the selling price is required before work commences. Payment in full is due upon receipt of artwork(s).

Contact Francesica Chandra Davis  @ 808-989-9923