Friday, December 31, 2010

Sacred Muse New Years Eve!

This is the last blog entry of 2010!
This year was full of sweet surprises and bitter experiences that both combined are
The perfect mixture to a balanced and fruitful year.
This new year is coming fast , as today is the last day of 2010.I know that New Years may mean nothing to some folks
But to others like myself it’s a chance to separate from the past and it feels as if you are starting over.

A New year a new chance to change and make your life the way you wish it to be.
For reality is shapeable and moldable by our thoughts, deeds, words and actions.
The only way we can help pour world through this current mess is to respect ,love and care for eacho other, stranger or friend alike.
May we all have a blessed new year of 2011!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sacred Muse Visionary Art Christmas 2010

This Yule season has been warm and inviting with friends and family. Not much time has been devoted to creating art right now. During the second big move this year my Studio is still packed away in boxes awaiting to be filed on shelves and wicker bins.
A new studio is what Im looking forward to.

 Its hard when all your creative tools are packed away in boxes as personally it feels that you are the same, living in a small box awaiting the escape.
Looking into creative solutions to my never ending creative messes I find myself making.
Polymer clay Winter Creations 2010 Sacred Muse

It has been very busy with shopping, making delicious yummy foods, wrapping gifts and unwinding from all the travel. I just cant wait to get the new year started with a new studio and creative space.

A Little of Winter Kitchen Witchery

I hope everyone Has a Blessed New Year, god know we all need it!

Todays random find:
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Sacred Muse Christmas Angel

Sacred Muse Visionary Artist; Francesica Chandra Davis

This winter has just started for me, taking a journey across the ocean from Tropical Climate to a snowy winterland. I never knew how much i missed winter or enjoyed it until it was gone.
The silver glow, the soft gentleness of winter.
All year cant be all sunshine and warmth as it doesnt not even go with our natural ebb and flow and cycles that we are attuned to the earth and nature.
Sometimes we just feel greyness a tiredness from the busy year that is no close to being behind us.
Winter is a time of rest and reflection.

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