Friday, December 2, 2011

Sacred Muse Featured On Random Expressions

Sacred Muse Love Kiss is featured on Random Expressions.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Greeting Cards

My most recently sold piece is this greeting card from my original work "Between life and Death ".
You can find it and purchase it here .All of my work available on my portfolio is also available as a greeting card.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Look at all these wonderful cupcakes!
I make each one by hand, no molds.
Custom flavors available at Contact Sacred Muse

Wonderful Finds

At last weeks craft show i found some wonderful finds and they were
trade/barters at that! I love to trade items and share with others my art
and in return enjoy someone elses!
Its so important to share the joy !

Sacred Muse Halloween

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday during this fall season.
Halloween is in fact my favorite holiday and it is so full of magic
and presence that i can never deny this time of year.
Blessings to All!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sacred Muse Autumn

Outside the Sacred Muse Studio Fall Autumn is present with us.
How crisp and clean the air feels and smells.
The leaves are turning in brilliant shades, what a most wonderful inspiration
to look out at. 
What is your favorite thing about Autumn ?
The season of Magic....

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sacred Muse Studio

Having a creative space you love is most important. 
After 4 cross country and over the sea moves this last year, yet another new studio in its infancy. 
I have so many new ideas and approaches its a flood of creative impulse.
Following this impulse is the key, sometimes we do what is safe and stuff we have done
and mastered but sometimes the exciting path of newness it just what we need.
Sacred Muse has upcoming art/craft shows and getting ready for your shows is half the battle, the other
half is new fresh work! 
Keep the love flowing and your heart open....

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Its been a while but IM BACK!

Its been a while Im sorry everyone for my lack of participation in the last year or so.
My life has been super busy with travel,moving and everyday adventures that have taken me far away from the computer and creative ventures.
Now that the dust has settled Im Happy to announce I have LOTS going on.
New Art Series
A New Website to soon be launched
Im Hanging in Galleries and participation in Art Shows
Craft Shows Coming Up
TONS going on.
I hope all is well in your creative worlds and I plan on getting back into this creative network. 

I wanted to share with everyone my newest medium;
Polymer Clay

Warm fresh out of the Oven Yummy Nummy Cupcakes

Sometimes when things are just so busy i dont have the time to sit down and paint.
Clay sometimes is the best because its a grab and go and not
so much concentration and shifting of awareness is involved.
Clay is so wonderful and FUN!

Its important to stay connected in the creative outlets sources even when life gets super busy with kids,work,travel and everything else!
I have so much to share with you since the last time I have been active but I wanted to announce IM BACK!
So look forward to some new and exciting stuff!
Love you Guys!

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Styles of Art Emerging

I find it thrilling as well as a bit scary when I have not painted in a while sure to life around me not allowing me the time but afterwards the new emergence of art that comes through after a long break like this.

It feels somewhat hard to let go of where i felt i was and where i seem to be. Art teaches us so much about ourselves that this in its self a miraculous thing. Letting go enough to be here now right where your at with everything the way it stands with out taking or adding a thing.

So much seems to be surfacing, a new style new attraction to certain colors and a new application process.
Its thrilling to start fresh and a new but also a bit scary taking a step over the edge off of what once was comfortable and familiar to a unknown territory.

Acceptance with grace rather than fighting it....Its a new day

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sacred Muse

So much has happened in the last 6 months that i have not been able to post or able to do much creative work.
Im getting back on track after moving back to mainland USA,it was really consuming.
After having a baby and moving Im finally working on a new studio, revamping the loft for my new creative space!
Our new website will be launched soon... as well as a new series....
I have really missed working and cant wait to dive back in...