Friday, October 8, 2010

Cancer Benefit for Ashley Weimer

Sacred Muse enjoys giving back to others and the community. Cancer benefits and other similar functions are a wonderful way to give love to the community and share your art with those who need it most. Giving art so the proceeds can go towards helping this young girl to do something she has always wanted :) 
Sacred Muse is available for Charity events around the USA, please contact if you need a piece of art for your benefit.

Ashley is 20 years old and was diagnosed with Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor, a rare form of cancer two years ago. She went through chemo, radiation, surgery and a stem cell transplant. She had several good months with good reports only to find out in the past couple of weeks that the cancer is back.
This time in her lungs and spine. Unfortunately, her body is at its limit and not much can be done at this time. Money being raised is to help her enjoy a few of her dreams along with seeing Hollywood for
a few days.
She may not be with us long, although we are still praying for a miracle.
Since she is too old for the “Make a Wish Foundation”, the benefit is to raise money to help fulfill her wish to go to Hollywood and see the “stars”.
The benefit will have food, karaoke, and many raffle prizes including 4 Tires from McMahon Tire and a Futon from Wolf Mattress Company. Everyone 21 years or older is invited to come out and help “make a dream come true”.
Location: Jilli’s Pub, 919 Middle Street in New Haven, IN


  1. Hi,

    I only read about this now and found out that the event took place today, otherwise I'd mention it to my contacts.
    I hope that Ashley may have the best time that she can.
    Let me know if there are further events, ok ?

    Best regards,


  2. I sure will let you know.
    They raised over $5,000 for her to go and see Hollywood.
    The benefit had a tremendous turnout.
    I dont live in that area anymore but it is my hometown so I still try and be supportive when I can.

  3. Glad so much money was raised. Cancer is awful for anyone, but so sad in a young person.