Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Irish Celtic Goddess Brighid

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As the Pagan in me runs wild and deep this Goddes has always been close to my heart and soul.
For the past few years I have really fell in love with the Folk Art style it can be quite primitive yet intriguing.
As I have almost always nearly rejected the idea of taking up realism, as I live in a "real" world I do all I can to escape and transcend this, especially through creating Art that is a expression of the human experience that includes dreams,visions,hopes,fears and aspirations of a transcendental stellar soul

Stories and symbology that survive in the persona of Saint Brigid may be related. St. Brigid was associated with perpetual, sacred flames, such as the one maintained by 19 nuns at her sanctuary in Kildare, Ireland.
The tradition of female priestesses tending sacred, naturally-occurring "eternal flames" is a feature of ancient Indo-European pre-Christian spirituality. Other examples include the Roman goddessVesta, and other hearth-goddesses, such as Hestia.
Brighid was also connected to holy wells, at Kildare and many other sites in the Celtic lands. Well dressing, the tying of clooties to the trees next to healing wells, and other methods of petitioning or honoring Brighid still take place in some of the Celtic lands and the diaspora.- Via Wiki

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