Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Its been a while but IM BACK!

Its been a while Im sorry everyone for my lack of participation in the last year or so.
My life has been super busy with travel,moving and everyday adventures that have taken me far away from the computer and creative ventures.
Now that the dust has settled Im Happy to announce I have LOTS going on.
New Art Series
A New Website to soon be launched
Im Hanging in Galleries and participation in Art Shows
Craft Shows Coming Up
TONS going on.
I hope all is well in your creative worlds and I plan on getting back into this creative network. 

I wanted to share with everyone my newest medium;
Polymer Clay

Warm fresh out of the Oven Yummy Nummy Cupcakes

Sometimes when things are just so busy i dont have the time to sit down and paint.
Clay sometimes is the best because its a grab and go and not
so much concentration and shifting of awareness is involved.
Clay is so wonderful and FUN!

Its important to stay connected in the creative outlets sources even when life gets super busy with kids,work,travel and everything else!
I have so much to share with you since the last time I have been active but I wanted to announce IM BACK!
So look forward to some new and exciting stuff!
Love you Guys!

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