Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I miss Autumn

As I have many projects piles up on my desk I close my eyes for a moment. Our inner cycle just knows what season it is.Wile Im in a tropical climate , I can still feel fall...Im deeply in love with this season ....Autumn inspires me with its enchanting presence....crisp air....hoodies.... burning leaves....cold noses...magic just seems to be afoot...
Sometimes i just wait for that breakthrough project that suddenly turns everything around.
I get painters block sometimes....When all I seem to paint seems so far from what Im really trying to project...I think I have found my breakthrough project that will lead me through the other side of this painters block, will post this project once it is finished :) I wonder what everyone else does when they reach a block in their creativity? For me Dreaming and waiting till it comes seems to work...


  1. I am so bad at art you would be shocked I can't even draw a stick man, so I take great pleasure in looking at other people who are artistic:) I get a similar block but it's a button block, some days I can't seem to stop creating and other days ziltch zero. But then we need these blocks i think to clear our heads if that makes sense.

  2. There is a definite block sometimes, and we all experience it its good to know we are not alone :)